Anayasa Mahkemesi’nin Yeni Başkanı Kadir Özkaya Kimdir?

Kadir Özkaya is a member of the Constitutional Court, and there is curiosity about his age. Zühtü Arslan’s term as a Constitutional Court member will end on April 20, 2024, due to the regulation limiting the term of office for Constitutional Court members to 12 years. The question of who became the new president of the Constitutional Court is being asked. Who is Kadir Özkaya?

Kadir Özkaya, born in Tarsus in 1963, graduated from Tapu Kadastro Meslek Lisesi after completing Bandırma Middle School, and graduated from the Department of Public Administration at Gazi University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in 1985.
He worked as a civil servant in the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, and as a controller in Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. After completing the judicial internship on 4/2/1991, he was appointed as a rapporteur to the Constitutional Court on 21/10/2005. He was appointed as a member of the Council of State by the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors in 2011 and as a member of the Constitutional Court by the President of the Republic on 18/12/2014 and started his duties on 22/12/2014.
He completed the Public Administration Expertise Program of Turkey and Middle East Public Administration Institute in 2002 with his thesis on the qualifications of Elected Bodies of Local Governments Losing Their Status. He has two books, “Annotated Jurisprudence Administrative Trial Procedure Law” and “Investigations Trials and Disqualifications of Mayors Council Members and Mukhtars.”
He was elected as the vice president of the Constitutional Court twice in the General Assembly of the Constitutional Court on 12/3/2020 and 5/3/2024. He has been carrying out the duties of the vice presidency and the presidency of the Second Section since 4/4/2020.
He is married and a father of two.

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